Townsville Domestic Electrical Switchboards

Smarterlec Electrical can supply and install electrical safety switches to both new and existing homes in and around Townsville.

Switchboard mounted residual current devices (Safety Switches) are undoubtedly the best form of electrical safety because all power and lighting circuits in your home can be protected if required.

Alleviate the worry of an electrical shock for you, your family and especially young children. The installation of a safety switch is the most efficient way of protecting you and your household.

A safety switch continuously monitors the power to each electrical device and “trips” within 40 milliseconds of detecting a fault.

We can test your red safety switches to give you the peace of mind to know they will function in case of an emergency.

Call Smarterlec Electrical Today on 0417 930 945 or (07) 4795 0467. Alternatively, for a free quote, contact us.

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