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Townsville Domestic Electrical Switchboards

Smarterlec Electrical can install new Townsville electrical switchboards and upgrade an existing electrical switchboards for domestic applications.

Please note that Smarterlec also handles commercial electrical switchboards and industrial electrical switchboards.

Upgrading your electrical switchboard from a fuse board to circuit breakers can not only add ease but also add significant safety to any home.

With circuit breakers, instead of replacing a fuse after a fault has occurred, simply flip the switch back on.

During any electrical switchboard upgrade it is strongly recommended installing a safety switch. No matter how conscientious you and your family are about electrical safety, accidents do happen.

If you’re carrying out renovations that entail moving or updating your current fuse box, it really is worth spending a little extra to ensure that you have a Safety Switch installed in your new electrical switchboard. 

Should you upgrade your switch board?

Old style fuse wire protection can be dangerous. Any existing older style fuse wire wedges are now very old – 40 plus years. They rely on a thin bit of wire to overhead and burn out. After decades of heating up and cooling down it can cause poor connections to cables, which in turn can cause the switchboard to catch fire. A new switchboard will provide a much better circuit protection and also individual earth leakage protection per circuit.

If you only have one old red circuit breaker protecting multiple circuits, you can potentially lose most of the power in your house.

Changing old porcelain fuse holders can be dangerous. They can be cracked and broken with a risk of electric shock. The wrong size fuse wire can cause electrical cables in the house to overheat and cause fires.

Upgrading your switchboard can also mean relocating the board and also upgrading the board and also upgrading the size of your mains cabling. Upgrading your switchboard also allows room for expansion for additional circuits.

For such things as air conditioners, spas, and solar ect. we can also install surge protection to protect your valuable electrical equipment from the effects of electrical storms and over-voltage spikes.

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