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Smarterlec is a specialist scheduled electrical maintenance provider. The electrical system is the essential nervous system of every facility. In an industrial application the electrical system consists of the main switch gear, motor control centers, branch circuit panels, transformers, and any other critical electrical equipment at the facility.

Proper maintenance of its electrical system is essential for the survival of any facility, as well as for preventing unexpected electrical interruptions.

Unexpected downtime during normal operating times can be very expensive and an annual maintenance program of the electrical system is vital for the longevity of the system. The investment of a preventive electrical maintenance program is easily recouped through the reduction of unplanned shutdowns.

The regular electrical maintenance program is vital in identifying and correcting problems on a planned schedule, as opposed to an unplanned shutdown due to system failure.

Finally, an electrical maintenance program is a preventative means to reduce the risks of electrical fires in a facility. The life/safety issue is a cost that is often compensated by lower insurance premiums for a company.

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