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Townsville Home Theatre

Smarterlec can design, supply and install your Townsville home theatre system. Now more than ever it is cost effective to have a home theatre entertainment system installed.

A surround sound speaker systems matched with a LCD, plasma or ceiling mounted projectors for a professional setup that provides cinema experience in your home home. Smarterlec is a specialist Townsville Home Theatre installer.

Around 20% of Australian homes now feature some kind of Home Theatre System whether it be widescreen, plasma or projector.

Smarterlec Electrical can advise on and install your Home Theatre Systems equipment so you too can enjoy the experience of watching movies and Pay TV or Terrestrial TV on your very own Home Theatre System.

A structured cabling system for all your audio-visual system components can be conveniently hidden in the walls or ceiling cavities for a superior aesthetic finish. The speaker and component placement is decided in conjunction with you to give you the best possible system tailored just how you want it.

Home Theatre System Components

For Home Theatre Systems you’ll need a television, DVD and/or Bluray player, receiver and speakers. The television should be large enough to view movies in a wide screen aspect ratio (27″ screen or greater).

A dedicated receiver converts a digital audio signal and sends it to five or more speakers instead of the two traditionally used in normal stereo. For true surround sound you will need at least five speakers plus a sub-woofer for the bass.

Home Theatre Systems Setup

It is possible to purchase a cheap all in one Home Theatre system in a box but the best solution is to choose separate components, and in the massive home theatre systems market, the only limitation is your budget.

Home Theatre DVD and Bluray Players

Its possible to pick up a cheap chinese DVD player at your local supermarket these days but as display sizes increase a good quality DVD player is getting more and more important

Home Theatre System Summary

You need a TV large enough to comfortably view movies in a widescreen aspect ratio (known as 16x9) and a DVD and Bluray DVD player with an amplifier and six speakers for front, rear, centre and sub woofer playback for a good home theatre system experience.

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