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Townsville Home Automation

Smarterlec designs and installs Townsville home automation systems.

Imagine a home that turns lights on and off automatically, manages your home theatre system, and looks after your home while you’re away.

It’s all a reality with C-Bus home automation. And it’s not just for new homes either; Clipsal’s new C-Bus Wireless technology allows existing homes to enjoy the benefits of home automation with minimal re-wiring.

Townsville Home Automation Solutions

Imagine driving home at night after a long day at work.

You pull into the driveway and there are no lights on. It is never a good feeling. A home automation home lighting solution would allow you to turn on a pre-programmed set of lights directly from your car.

Smarterlec Electrical can give you full control of all your lighting allowing you the flexibility of controlling lighting in multiple rooms throughout your house from multiple locations within your house and from your car.

The sheer beauty of this sort configuration is that it can still be implemented in your existing home. It can easily be designed, quoted, and installed within a matter of days. One of our Townsville home automation specialists would work directly with you to determine the setup you desire.

You decide the exact dimness of each light configuration. You would determine which lights you would like turned on depending on which button you push.

Once this configuration is setup in your home, a Smarterlec electrician would give you a full tour on how to use your new lighting design. Just as importantly, they would give you a explanation on how to make changes to configuration in the event you felt the need to change how the lights were being turned on and off.

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